How to integrate MailChimp with Hike



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    This article is out of date, despite being updated 20 minutes ago. It doesn't make any mention of how to handle the newer compulsory field "Opted in to receive marketing and promo communications." The displayed MailChimp fields don't suit this Hike field's purpose, and a newly created checkbox field in MalChimp doesn't show up in the Hike dropdown list. Using an existing MailChimp field causes the integration not to work in either direction. It loads MailChimp customers into Hike without the "accepts marketing" checkbox ticked. A Hike support rep was unable to shed any light on this in an hour on chat. New MailChimp subscribers are not added to Hike at all; new Hike customers with "accepts marketing" selected are not added to MailChimp at all. This is not my idea of "seamless integration".

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